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Bruce and Bosco - Proven AKC Registered Standard Poodles

Bruce is a cream Standard Poodle, 2 years old, weighs 58 pounds, and stands 24 inches at the shoulders.  Bruce has loose curls, so his puppies tend to have curly-wavy coats.  Bruce has sired a litter of Sheepadoodles, a litter of Standard Poodles, and a litter of Aussiedoodles.

Bruce is extremely outgoing, active and playful.  He loves all people, playing with other pups, and playing fetch.   He can play ball any time... it's his absolute favorite. 

Bosco is a Chocolate Parti, Standard Poodle.  He weighs 45 pounds and stands 23 inches at the shoulders.  Bosco has tight curls, so his puppies tend to have curly coats.  Bosco has sired a litter of Standard Poodles and is anticipating Sheepadoodles in May.

Bosco is very gentle and sweet.  He loves other dogs, especially the ladies, and all people.  He is a big cuddler and extremely easy going, he wants to please.

For the mating period, your female will come stay with us.  We will ensure that the two get to know each other, and have plenty of time to "do their thing."  As experienced breeders,  we know what to watch for and will record all breeding dates and times so that we can calculate due dates.

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Our Stud Service Fee is $700.  We have a Service Contact that all involved parties must sign.  We require Dams to be current on vaccinations and certified free of canine brucellosis.  If you would like to discuss further, please use our contact link.