Our Dogs


Jack "The Joker"

Jack is a highly intelligent, AKC registered, all black standard male poodle.  He is very sweet and affectionate and loves to please.    He is playful and assertive and always ready for a run.  He is a Large Poodle, standing at 27" and weighing 65#.  He has a tight, curly coat that gives most of his puppies wavy to curly fur.  



Harley is a female, AKC registered,  Newfoundland.  She has an excellent temperament and is extremely calm and sweet.  She would love to be a lap dog if she could.  Her favorite activities are playing in water, catching tennis balls and chasing squirrels.  She stands 27" at the shoulders and weighs 100#.



 Echo is a female AKC registered Great Pyrenees.  She is mellow and sweet and does an amazing job patrolling around our home.  She is an excellent family pet and watchdog.   Echo stands 29" at the shoulders, and weighs 90#.  



Ivy is an AKC registered Old English Sheepdog.  She weighs 50#,  is extremely sweet and has the goofy Sheepdog personality.  Ivy loves people, attention, and Golf Carts.


Bruce Wayne

Bruce is an AKC registered Standard Poodle.  Bruce has a fun, goofy personality.  He loves everyone and enjoys playing with other puppies.  Fetching balls is his absolute favorite activity.  He stands 24" and weighs 55#.  



Angel is an AKC registered Australian Shepard.   Angel is super sweet and laid back.  She loves playing with Bruce, other pups, and socializing with people.  She is very outgoing and extremely intelligent.  Angel weights 50#.


Sasha & Luna

Sasha and Luna are AKC registered Newfoundlands.    These sweet sisters are very calm, love to play, and are very social.  Luna is considered "Grey" as she is not quite black, and Sasha is Chocolate Irish Spotted.  They will begin breeding summer of 2020.