NEWFYPOOS (Newfiedoodles)

Height: 22-28 Inches

Weight: 90-130 Pounds

Newfypoos are highly intelligent, easy to train, big-hearted companions.  They are super friendly, calm, with little to no shedding, making them great family pets.  Newfypoos are social and lovable and will do whatever it takes to please their loved ones.  It is important to feed a quality food and start training and socialization early so your Newfypoo can live a happy, healthy life.



Height: 26-28 Inches

Weight: 110-150 Pounds

Newfoundlands are very sweet-tempered, and often referred to as "nanny" dogs for their patient and watchful way with children.  Newfoundlands are smart, gentle-giants that love water.  Because Newfoundlands grow so large so fast, understanding the needs of giant breeds is critical.  Early training is essential to having a happy relationship with these giant lap dogs.



Height: 20-25 Inches

Weight: 40-70 Pounds

Sheepadoodles are extremely social, cheerful and at times silly.  They are affectionate and loyal and enjoy socializing with other people and pets.  Sheepadoodles are intelligent and enjoy activities that stimulate the mind and body.   They have poodle-like coats and are non-shedding.  To be happy, your Sheepadoodle will require exercise, attention, socialization and quality food. 



Height: 22-28 Inches

Weight: 80-110 Pounds

Pyredoodles are calm, gentle and intelligent.  They love to give and receive affection.  They are extremely loyal to their family with natural protective instincts.  They will require extra socialization if you want them to be comfortable interacting with strangers.  Your Pyredoodle will also require early training, affection and quality food to be happy and healthy.

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