Aussiedoodles Due November 28th!!

Mom - Angel, AKC Registered Australian Shepard


Aussiedoodle puppies are very smart, loyal, and playful!  Puppies excel in homes with other pets, and children, as they like lots of attention and stimulation.  Lots of toys and brain games will help keep these cuties busy.

Dad - Bruce, AKC Registered Standard Poodle


Both parents, Angel and Bruce, are very sweet and people please'rs.   They love to spend time playing with us, other dogs, and each other.   Angel easily goes with the flow, and Bruce loves to play fetch!


Puppies are 7 Weeks Old!

The babies are getting big, and preparing to go to their fur-ever homes next week!  

Echo & Jack

Echo (Mom) is 90 pounds, very mellow, reserved, and sweet.  Jack (Dad) is 65 pounds, energetic,  and loves to play and chase squirrels.  Both parents are very loving, gentle and great with kids.

About Pyredoodles

These puppies will grow to be 80-105 pounds and will have wavy to curly coats, that will require regular grooming.  They will be easy going, with low-medium energy levels, requiring early socialization.  They are best suited for families that have time to fulfill their physical and emotional needs.  

Contact us to reserve yours now

If you have any questions, please call or text:  352-661-4170 or email

Please note, we do not ship puppies.  We would be happy to meet you at one of the 3 airports (Tampa, Orlando, St. Pete/Clearwater).  You are welcome fly in and carry your puppy on for the trip home.

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